So, this is the first comic I had rejected by Minots paper, The Northern Sentry. It was for good reason, I’m not trying to offend any of the base paper readers, neither one of them. (haha…j/k…inside joke.)  The one they actually ran is below (click the image to make it bigger):

This one was a lot more appropriate for a base paper.  HOWEVER, my REAL original version of this is as follows:

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My good buddy Austin May (Air Force Blues) shot this one down right away.   I knew it probably wasn’t the best to try to put in the paper, and he confirmed it.  I usually have him look over my comics before I submit them to the paper, or upload them to the site.  He has a great eye and mind for telling me what to change.  For example, when I was trying to come up with a response for Geri after Ben told her “You have your things to observe, and I have mine”, he immediately told me to just have her glaring at him.  I thought it was a perfect ending. This whole thing came about from Austin telling me to push the boundaries, so, here I go.

Now, before you go hating on me for being sexist…you have to know one thing about me.  My wife and I actually talk like this to each other, jokingly, and that’s what this particular comic was meant to be, a jab from a husband to wife and a shot right back.  This is a near-daily conversation type for my wife and I.  Austin can verify this.



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